April 2021 in-person Doula Cafe

I’ll be holding an in-person Doula Cafe on Monday, April 19th at 10am in the Harajuku Tokyu Plaza 6F outside terrace area. The Starbucks is currently closed but there are cafes on the 5th floor to grab a drink from a head on up. It’s a great chance to connect with other pregnant women and talk about all things related to pregnancy, birth and baby, as well as meet me – a Tokyo Doula – and find out all about the services I offer and how they might benefit you! 

I’m opening it up to up to 6 women, so please let me know if you’d like to join!

These meetings are FREE and something I enjoy doing very much and I’ll continue to hold a few more in-person meetings in outside spaces for safety’s-sake (although I’ll continue to offer virtual meetings, too).

Please let me know if you’d like to join!

Zoom Breastfeeding Workshop April 2021

The next workshop will be on Zoom on April 16th, 9:30am-10:30am.

Every month I hold a Breastfeeding Education Workshop to help women prepare for breastfeeding and be as informed as possible before baby comes. As a doula and breastfeeding counsellor, accurate and evidence-based information regarding breastfeeding is important to me, and helping women achieve their breastfeeding goals is a huge part of the work I do.

In these workshops, you will find out about:

The benefits of breastfeeding & breastmilk

The process of breastmilk production

What to expect in the first few weeks & normal newborn behaviour

All about latching and getting a good latch


Building and protecting your milk supply

Common breastfeeding problems

How to get support for breastfeeding from your hospital

Top 5 tips to breastfeeding success

Useful items

List of resources

Cost per attendee: 1,000yen.

If you’d like to attend, please get in touch here.

TPG Walk & Lunch

On Friday, April 16th at 11:30am to 1pm, I’ll be holding a TPG Walk & Lunch! As many of you know, I run Tokyo Pregnancy Group and it’s a great group to connect, with others who are pregnant, ask questions and get lots of good information.

The TPG Walk & Lunch will be a chance to meet some others in person (I’m limiting numbers for this to 4-5 women) for a nice walk and some food.

The meeting spot will be Harajuku station. If you’d like to join, please let me know!

Birthing with Confidence Birth Preparation for April-July 2021

My Birthing with Confidence childbirth preparation classes have been getting more and more popular over the past year, wth couples realising even more than before the importance of preparing for labour, their specific hospital, and the early post-partum period. With all the changes and on-going restrictions put in place by many hospitals for labour and visiting, couples really want to know more about labour and how they can still have a positive experience despite these restrictions.

Preparing for labour and birth, both mentally and physically, cannot be underestimated. In addition to learning all about labour and practicing useful breathing techniques and comfort measures, we also consider what to expect at your own particular hospital/birth clinic in Tokyo/Japan. Being fully informed this way is hugely important. We also take a look at the early post-partum period and breastfeeding. My hope and aim is for couples to come away feeling more aware, more encouraged, more prepared and positive with a feeling of “we’ve got this”!

Between April and July, I can a limited number of couples per month for private Birthing with Confidence sessions in the comfort of your own homes, and I’m also offering one semi-private session per month for 2 couples only at a time (semi-private session) at a studio location in Azabu. In April there is 1 spot left for a private session, and my April 18th semi-private session for 2 couples also only has one spot left. In May, June and July I have space for 2 couples per month for private sessions. So get in touch soon to book.

You can see in the flyer below exactly what we cover in these sessions.  Questions are always welcome.  I draw upon my own personal experiences (having had 3 children here) as well as my vast experience in Japan with around 200 births and many different hospitals, and countless more couples who have come to me for consultations both before and after birth.

If you’d like to book a session with me, please send me an email!

Online options are also available

April 2021 in-person Baby Cafe

The next Baby Cafe is an in-person one on Tuesday, April 13th at 2pm in the Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Starbucks (6F). We’ll meet in the outside terrance area which is a lovely space for an outdoor meet-up. Hopefully the weather will be good (it’ll be cancelled in the case of rain).

These meetings are FREE and a great chance to connect with others.  If you are a mum/caregiver to a baby of any age, these meetings could be of benefit to you.

In the newborn period, it can be quite overwhelming at times as you learn to adjust to your new family dynamic, get to know your baby, get used to breastfeeding and other aspects of baby care, and figure out who this new “you” is.  These Baby Cafe meetings are a chance for new mothers/parents to meet others, talk about motherhood/parenthood and baby topics, feel less isolated, and get some support if you’re finding things tough.

If you’d like to join, let me know by sending me an email to the email address here.

April 2021 Zoom Doula Cafe

The April Doula Cafe on Zoom will be on Sunday, April 11th at 9:30am to 10:20am!

Partners are also welcome to attend this Doula Cafe. We’ll be taking about babies & what to expect (what is normal newborn behaviour?) and also hospitals – the inside scoop – with what to expect with restrictions, what it means for labour and the post-partum stay, and typically what policies and procedures are in place at different hospitals. We will also have time to talk about anything related to pregnancy, labour and post-partum in Japan that may be on your minds!

If you’d like to join, please email me here and I’ll send you the link!  Grab yourself a drink of choice, relax in the comfort of your own home, and let’s talk!  If anyone is interested in finding out about my work as a doula, how I work and how I can support you through pregnancy, labour and the post-partum period, I’m always very happy to talk about that, too. I only have space for one more couple for my full support package between now and July. There is little more availability after that. Individual preparation session, consultations and visits are available each month.

These Doula Cafe meetings are FREE and something I enjoy doing very much.  I am keeping an online option each month but will also have an in-person meeting, too. Stay tuned for details of the March in-person meeting.


FB: Tokyo Doula Support

IG: steph_tokyodoula

CH: stephanietmg

Breathing for Birth Classes – April, May, June 2021

In-person Weekday Classes: 

In-person preparation is so important for birth and my Breathing for Birth classes have been a popular option over the past few years .  My classes are limited to 3-4 women maximum currently to make sure there is plenty of space between attendees.  Mask wearing is required (and actually practicing breathing with a mask on is important as hospitals require masks for some parts of labour). The studio room is well ventilated with open windows and doors to maintain good airflow during the classes, too.  Each class is one hour and they are a great way to practice useful breathing techniques to manage labour more effectively.

The schedule for these classes is as follows:

April 14th Wednesday  11am-12pm

May 19th Wednesday  11am-12pm

June 9th & 30th Wednesdays 11am-12pm

2,000 yen per class

Minimum of 2 attendees, maximum of 4

At My Body My Pilates https://www.mybodymypilates.com/contact

Online Zoom Classes:

For those who feel more comfortable staying at home, I am continuing to offer Zoom classes for Breathing.  These classes will be 50-60 minutes long and will hopefully provide attendees with enough knowledge about how the way you breathe can help in labour along with some practical practice.

The schedule for these classes is as follows:

April 9th & 23rd Friday 9:30am

May 14th & 28th Friday 9:30am

June 11th & 25th Friday 9:30am

Cost per class per attendee: 1,000 yen

Minimum of 2 attendees, maximum of 8

In-person Couples Breathing for Birth Classes:

April 25th Sunday 3:30-4:30pm

May 23rd Sunday 3:30-4:30pm

June 27th Sunday 3:30-4:30pm

Cost per couple: 3,000 yen

Minimum of 2 couples, maximum of 3

Couples Zoom Breathing for Birth Classes:

April 17th Saturday 9:30-10:30am

May 15th Saturday 9:30-10:30am

June 19th Saturday 9:30-10:30am

Cost per couple: 2,000 yen

In-person Couples Birthing With Confidence Classes: 

Fully comprehensive birth preparation – private options at home and semi-private options for 2 couples available.


Late Pregnancy & Overview of Labour

Breathing for Labour and Birth

Positions/Activities during Labour

Massage and Other Comfort Techniques


What to Expect in Japan and your Specific Hospital

Useful Japanese Terms

The post-partum period


Cost per couple for semi-private: 13,000 yen (one session of approx 3 hours)

Private session: 18,000 yen (can be split over 2 sessions of 1.5-2hours each)

Group class: 10,000 yen (minimum of 3 couples, maximum of 5)

April 2021 Zoom Baby Cafe

The April Zoom Baby Cafe will be on Tuesday, April 6th at 9:30am on Zoom!

These meetings are FREE and a great chance to connect with others.  If you are a mum/caregiver to a baby of any age and want to chat to others and have questions, these meetings could be of benefit to you.

In the newborn period, it can be quite overwhelming at times as you learn to adjust to your new family dynamic, get to know your baby, get used to breastfeeding and other aspects of baby care, and figure out who this new “you” is.  These Baby Cafe meetings are a chance for new mothers/parents to meet others, talk about motherhood/parenthood and baby topics, feel less isolated, and get some support if you’re finding things tough.

If you’d like to join, let me know by sending me an email to the email address here.

April 2021 Classes & Meetings Schedule

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the wonderful cherry blossoms and the warm Spring weather we are having. It’s always such a positive and uplifting time in Japan. This month, there will continue to be a variety of both online and in-person options so everyone can choose the option they feel most comfortable with. With any classes that are in person, health precautions and proper distancing will continue to stay in place (mask wearing and limited numbers). The classes and events I offer have all come from me knowing what I would have benefitted from with my first pregnancy – the support and information that would have helped me. I hope these classes and meetings help you, too.

As always, for anyone who would like to arrange a private, semi-private or small group, fully comprehensive childbirth preparation class – Birthing With Confidence – please get in touch.  And, I’ll continue to offer private sessions in-person and online for birth plan consultations, Infant Care classes, Breastfeeding support and post-partum help. If you are interested in any other type of class and wonder whether I offer it, please send me a message.

Please get in touch if you’d like to book a class or if you have any questions.  For anyone who is interested in a Birth Support Package for doula support during pregnancy, labour (in-person or virtual depending on restriction) and the post-partum period, I have limited availability for May-July (1 new client only). There is more availabilty in the second half of this year.

Don’t forget, for ONLINE options, I have a ticket system available too (which includes a small discount).

April 6th – 9:30AM – Zoom Baby Cafe –  FREE SUPPORT SESSION for mothers/parents with babies of any age

April 9th – 9:30AM – Zoom Breathing for Birth class

April 11th – 9:30AM – Zoom Doula Cafe – FREE SUPPORT SESSION for pregnant women & partners

April 14th – 11AM – In-person Breathing for Birth class (in Azabu)

April 13th – 2PM – In-person Baby Cafe – FREE SUPPORT SESSION for mothers with babies up to 6 months old (Location TBA)

April 16th – 9:30AM – Zoom Breastfeeding Education Workshop 

April 16th – 11:30AM – TPG Walk & Lunch Get-together (Location TBA)

April 17th – 9:30AM – Zoom Couples Breathing for Birth class

April 17th – 11AM – Zoom Couples Positions & Massage class

April 18th – 3:30PM – Semi-Private Birthing With Confidence 3 hour Childbirth Preparation – 2 couples only (in Azabu)

April 19th – 10AM – In-person Doula Cafe – FREE SUPPORT SESSION for pregnant women (Location TBA)

April 21st – 11AM – Labour & Birth Movement  (in Azabu)

April 23rd – 9:30AM – Zoom Breathing for Birth class

April 25th – 3:30PM – In-person Couples Breathing for Birth class (in Azabu)

April 25th – 4:30PM – In-person Couples Infant Care class (in Azabu)

April 30th – 9:30AM – Zoom Infant Care class

*Weekdays & Weekends are also possible for private classes/sessions at depending on the day/time*

**For March, online group classes will continue to be 1,000yen per attendee or 2,000 yen per couple. In-person group classes will now be 2,000 yen per person due to limiting numbers (3,000 per couple if you join with your partner). Birthing with Confidence semi-private birth preparation will be 13,000 yen per couple (for 2 couples only) For private options are available for all classes, please ask as it depends on the class :)**

First Quarter of 2021 Doula Work Update!

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that it was New Year, and yet here we are a quarter of the way through the year already. It blows my mind every time…and the years are just going faster and faster.

So, here’s an update about my doula work over the past 3 months.

Since January, I’ve supported 10 clients with their labours/births. Most of them virtually for the birth side of things due to hospital restrictions or location for those in other parts of Japan, but my support has also included in-person prenatal support and preparation and post-partum/breastfeeding support. I was also really so happy to be able to attend at least one of these births in person as the hospital allowed me there (much rarer these days due to corona).

I’ve also done 7 private Birthing with Confidence sessions with couples to equip them with mental and practical comfort measures (breathing, positions, other comfort techniques as well as an overview of labour to help with labour as well as go through with them what to expect about their hospital.

And, as always, I’ve continued to hold my various group classes – both online and in person – for many topics: Breathing for Birth, Infant Care, Positions & Massage, Breastfeeding Education. I also started my new monthly Labour & Birth Movement class which was a lot of fun.

My FREE support meetings, Doula Cafe and Baby Cafe will continue, and with warmer weather I’ll continue to hold outdoor options. I’ll of course retain the Zoom options as far as possible, too.

One of the most fun weeks of this first quarter just finished – World Doula Week (March 22nd-March 28th). During this week, I held many different events & classes, and I also took part in 2 wonderful online events: A live Facebook event with Doulaship Japan (a Japanese Doula support organisation) and a podcast recording with former client and now friend from “Pregnant in Japan” about my work.

For anyone who is interested in package options, please get in touch. I can only take one more client for the first half of this year for my full birth support package (for pregnancy, labour & post-partum). My schedule is more open from September onwards again, though.

Also, for anyone who needs any help with birth preparation, choosing a hospital, needing a birth plan consultation, post-partum/breastfeeding support or anything else you think I may know about or can support, please get in touch!

I have some exciting new plans for the next quarter of 2021: Videos, starting up my own podcast, new classes & workshops and so much more. Can I find the time for everything? I hope so!

I’m looking forward to connecting to more members of the international community in Tokyo here who are expecting, and don’t forget to join my community groups of Tokyo Pregnancy Group and also Tokyo Mothers Group (for those in the 3rd trimester for TMG)!