Breastfeeding appropriately?

There has been some stuff on the news recently about breastfeeding and in one case a local Queensland cafe was praised for asking a male customer to leave after he complained about a breastfeeding mother.

This article popped up on a friend’s newsfeed on Facebook this week and I couldn’t resist sharing it!  Click here to read it 🙂

I have to say, I am a very proud breastfeeding mother.  I nursed each of my children till ages 2, 2.5 and my youngest is still going strong at almost 2 (I foresee him nursing for quite a while yet).  My experiences with breastfeeding in public places in Japan have been very positive.  Of course, I use discretion as far as possible for my own comfort and the facilities here are excellent – clean and well-maintained nursing rooms in almost every department store you go into.  But, even when I’ve needed to breastfeed in less-than-ideal places (like on a crowded train for example) I have never once been openly stared at or made to feel uncomfortable or that I’m doing something inappropriate.  This is my experience over almost 8 years with 3 children.  How about yours?


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