My first birth at the new Aiiku

I always wish I could blog a little bit more regularly…ah well, the busy life of a mother of 3, a doula and everything else I have been doing and working on!

So a recent update from me 🙂  I finally experienced my first birth at the new Aiiku hospital!  I was there for most of yesterday and the mother had the birth she had been hoping for (which is always wonderful as it is not always possible for so many reasons).  The LDR rooms (there are 8 of them I believe) are all roomy and allow for lots of labouring positions.  We made very good use of the birth ball yesterday ourselves.  The hallway is just about roomy enough to walk down to pass time during labour and help things along.  We wanted to go outside the LDR area where there are much longer and wider hallways on the same floor, but weren’t allowed.  But no problem!  The mother was a patient of Dr Sakamoto’s and he was, as always, very gracious towards me and my role as a doula and the teamwork between him, the midwives and myself was great.  A really good birth I thought!

Speaking of the new Aiiku, security is a very big thing and patients are all given a card to scan to enter and leave certain areas.  I’m happy to announce that I have my own one now, as Dr Sakamoto has made me an associate of his.  This means I can attend births there with his patients (which previously had not been allowed at the new Aiiku as the security is tight and people allowed are limited).  This is also a good thing for Aiiku and for Dr Sakamoto because using me, for example, as a doula there makes their jobs easier as I can explain things, I’ll be with my client all the time to hep relieve anxieties (as well as doing my labour and birth coaching), and there will be less pressure on everyone else making things go smoother overall.

In November or December, it also looks like I’ll be starting to do Aiiku tours for any patients of Dr Sakamoto’s who are interested.  This is an important thing because currently there are no tours in English.  Seeing the hospital and all the rooms you’ll be using in labour and after is very important as it will help you feel comfortable and give you a chance to have your questions and any concerns answered.  Keep an eye out for further updates on that!

2 thoughts on “My first birth at the new Aiiku

  1. Hello, i know this post is old. Are u still working there? If yes can you lighten me up with the over all delivery charges . i got papers from aiiku clinic but was very confusing.


    • Hi! Yes, I still attend births at Aiiku 🙂 Re. the charges, that’s not something I know too much about for the hospital. It depends whether you have a hospital doctor or if you’re using the services of Dr Sakamoto as well. If you let me know what in particular is a bit confusing, I’ll try and explain if I can 🙂


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