A busy January so far!

A lovely start to 2016!  On Saturday, I did the first Aiiku tour of the year where I bumped into one of the ladies who had attended the Doula Cafe in December – she had just given birth and was definitely on a high.  Then on Sunday, I attended my first birth of 2016 at Aiiku hospital and a beautiful baby boy was welcomed into this world.  The mother did a wonderful job during labour and coped amazingly well in my opinion.  I joked to her that I’d seen much worse (mostly referring to my own labour with my first son!)!

Yesterday I had my second Doula Café get-together which was a lot of fun and there were 7 ladies who joined.  There are few things I enjoy as much as talking about pregnancy, labour and birth!  I’ll announce the date for the next one soon 🙂

I’ve got a baby care lesson this weekend coming and a couple of post-partum visits to look forward to over the next week and a bit, and then another Aiiku tour towards the end of the month.  It’s great to have such variation in what I do!

Finally, if anyone is considering using a birth doula in Tokyo, I will be able to start taking on new clients who are due from mid/late March onwards!  Please do get in touch if you’d like to meet and find out more!

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