VBAC Success

A week ago today, I was at my first VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section).  Dr Sakamoto was the doctor, so the birth itself was at Aiiku hospital.   The mother didn’t have the best experience with the C-section she needed to have with her first child (overall stress of the experience, reaction to medication, and the long recovery time afterwards), so she was very determined to at least be able to try for a VBAC with this pregnancy.

As it was my first VBAC, I was very “excited”to be asked by the mother to be her doula 🙂 Throughout her pregnancy, as is the case with all my clients, we had regular meetings where we discussed things related to her pregnancy, the labour, what had happened at hospital appointments and so on.  I really hoped that she’d be able to get her wish of trying for her VBAC and that nothing unexpected would come up to change things.  Dr Sakamoto was willing to let her try but was cautious about the chance of success (I think this goes with his character and his role as doctor and main care-provider).

The mum went into labour the day before her due date.  A c-section had been booked already for the next week if labour didn’t start naturally because in a VBAC situation inductions are not done.  She was very very glad her labour started naturally and I got to the hospital as contractions were very close together and pretty intense.  Without going in to the full details of her labour (as that is the mum’s story to tell), her sheer will and determination to have a successful VBAC were what got her through.  There was a time where it looked like a c-section was going to be needed as the labour wasn’t progressing…but then literally in less than an hour she was ready to push and her baby was born beautifully.  It was fantastic and I was so thrilled for her!

For anyone who is considering a VBAC, I’d love to hear from you!

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