2016 Births!

I’m getting ready to go back to the UK for Christmas and the New Year with my children for 3 weeks, so this will be my last post of 2016 🙂

2016 has been such a wonderful year for me as a doula.  I’ve been a birth doula to 16 women and their partners this year and been to some different hospitals and birth clinics. Each experience has been very different, each experience is one that I still remember, and I hope that for all the women I supported (as well as their husbands/partners) that their experience was more enjoyable/bearable/rich/calming/ (choose your favourite adjective) because of me being there!  You can see a few testimonials from some clients here .  I should really ask everyone to write one when they have time – which is not always possible when you have a baby to care for 😉

I look forward to getting back to more doula support in 2017 once I’m back in January from my trip.   Stay tuned for my next Doula cafe dates in the new year, and please get in touch if you are considering doula support for your labour or post-partum!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!!!




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