Next Doula Cafe

The next Doula Cafe of 2017 will be Monday, February 6th, and it’s free to join!  It will be at the Tokyu Plaza Starbucks (6th floor) in Harajuku, from 10:30-12:00.  The Tokyu Plaza is on the Meiji Dori/Omotesando crossing.

We’ll talk about breathing for labour, and what are some breathing patterns that could help.

If you are due over the next few months and are considering using a doula for your birth, it’s a great chance to find out how one can support you (as a childbirth coach, guide, “mother”, motivator and encourager, advocate and so much more).  I currently have availability to take on 2 more clients between now and July.  If you have never heard of what a doula is, come along to find out🙂  If you are due in the next few weeks/months and want to be around other women to talk about birth and baby stuff – perfect!

If you’d like to come, let me know if you can.  My email address is here.  Simply turning up on the day is also fine, too🙂

2017 so far!

I’m really excited for 2017 as I already have 5 births lined up for the first half of the year!!  I still have some availability to take on 2 more clients up till mid July, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are considering birth doula services.  As well as first-time parents, I’ll also be supporting women having VBACs and second-time vaginally-birthing mums 🙂

I’m also putting a call out to those who read – what topics about pregnancy and birth in Tokyo/Japan would you like me to cover in this blog?  Let me know here