Recent Birth Doula Experiences

I’ve had a really fun couple of weeks with births and private birth preparation classes!

On Wednesday, March 15th I supported a birth at Keiyu hospital in Minato Mirai (Yokohama) and then on Sunday, March 19th I was at a birth in Kosei hospital in Suginami ku (near Koenji).  They were, of course, 2 very different birth experiences and both went well for the mother, father and baby in each case.  They were also 2 new hospitals for me to attend.  Bringing my grand total of different hospitals I’ve been at now to 10 if my counting is correct, with over 20 birth doula clients!

Keiyu hospital had a more clinical feel to it with the LDR room (which was all one room for labour and delivery), although the doctor on call – Matsuo sensei – was able to speak quite good English.  The midwives were very attentive and this hospital offered the option of an epidural which was on my client’s birth plan.  There wasn’t much opportunity to be fully active and walk around too much as my client was on a monitor for most of the labour, even prior to the epidural.   I was able to explain what was happening when necessary, translate a little between the hospital staff and my client, and offer a lot of reassurance.

Kosei hospital was quieter and less hospital-like in the LDR area.  My client was able to labour in one room using things like a birth ball and active chair, as well as being free to walk around outside in the hallway.  They don’t offer an epidural at this hospital, so it was great for me to get really stuck in to supporting my client physically with positions and breathing.

If anyone would like a more detailed account of my experiences at either of these 2 hospitals, please let me know!

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