Recent Birth

I’ve just had a birth a few days ago at another new clinic to me – Oshio Women’s Clinic in Urayasu (Chiba)

It was a small clinic (a one-doctor place), so the care felt really personal. The doctor spoke some English and the midwives were all very nice.  They couldn’t speak English really but luckily my clients and I could speak enough Japanese so that it wasn’t a problem.

The LDR room itself was small but had some great things to use during labour – including squat bar, bean bag, birth ball, and hooks on the ceiling to hang rope from to use for squatting/pulling on.  The midwives moved the bed out of the room and put a mattress down on the floor to make moving about more easy.

The labour was very freestyle for the most part in that the mum could be free to do what she wanted.  While she was initially induced, when the induction medicine was turned off (as contractions hadn’t really started), her body went into natural labour by itself – which can sometimes happen!

Always interesting to be at a labour in a new place 🙂

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