Back from hols and next Doula Cafe

My family and I got back from the UK a few days ago and I was greeted immediately by a labour!  It was a very very fast one (around 2 hours) and the mum seems to be doing really well!

The next Doula Cafe will be on Monday, September 4th!  It will be at the Tokyu Plaza Starbucks (6th floor) in Harajuku, from 10:00-11:30am🙂  The Tokyu Plaza is on the Meiji Dori/Omotesando crossing.

If you are curious about what a doula does and how one can support you through your pregnancy and labour (and beyond), please come along!  I’ll be sharing my own birth experiences and what I learned from each of them, as well as new things I learned from helping clients.

I’m currently fully booked for births for the whole of October (always a very busy month for babies!).  I have limited availability for November and December, and am able to take on just 1 last-minute client for early-mid September.   Please contact me as soon as possible if you’d like birth doula support!

If you’d like to come to the Doula Cafe, please email me.  My address is here

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