Home Birth Testimonial

You might remember that I had my first home birth experience as a doula back in April.  My client has very kindly given me a testimonial and I’m sharing it with everyone 🙂  You can find more testimonials here!

“Stephanie attended the birth of our third child (first one to be born in Japan) and she was a vital part of the team. Prior to delivery, she was available to answer questions about the different birthing options in Japan and provide examples from some of her experiences at different hospital settings. We chose a planned home-birth with midwives from Matsugaoka and together, I was able to have a happy and healthy birth. While the midwives did checks throughout labour and provided massage, Stephanie recommended different positions to labour in for comfort and to help move things along. Though she is not a translator, she did explain to my husband and I what was going on as the midwives spoke among themselves. She was also a positive voice when the day became long and I became tired. I highly recommend Stephanie as she was very professional and provided peace of mind throughout my pregnancy, labour and delivery.”

June Doula Cafe

The June Doula Cafe will be on Monday 18th from 10-11:30am at the Tokyu Plaza Starbucks (6F) on the Meiji Dori/Omotesando crossing.

I’ll be sharing my experiences at different hospitals and talking in general about childbirth in Japan.  If you have questions about your hospital or your birth plan, we can talk about that.  If you’re interested in having a doula at your birth, please come along to find out more while we chat over tea or coffee.

If you’d like to come, please let me know at the email address here.