A lovely client who had her second baby in Nisseki hospital in Hiroo recently sent me the following testimonial:

“I’m so pleased to have chosen Stephanie as our doula for my first birth in Japan. It was great to have regular monthly catch ups, where I would be able to ask questions, share thoughts and get advice.
I was not sure about all the different hospital options in Tokyo and which one would be most suitable. I was really looking for somewhere very baby mother led. Stephanie provided me with her experiences of being a doula at the various hospitals and how it could differ compared to my home country. It really steered me in making the best decision for us.
Stephanie was always available if I needed to message her with any questions leading up to the birth and was very responsive.
During the birth Stephanie was a calm presence in the room and very reassuring throughout, making me feel that I could do it! She also took photos and notes during the birth, which was really interesting to see afterwards.
Also Stephanie came to visit us a couple of weeks after the birth and spent time chatting over the experience and meeting our baby again.
Thanks very much Stephanie for all the support and I’m so pleased to have had you as part of my birth experience!” – Emma


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