Why Choose a Doula? A Testimonial

One of my client’s, who had a baby in April, sent me a few words to describe why she chose me as her doula and what my support meant for her.  It always makes me so happy to hear what my support means to people I work with and I’m pretty sure I would have felt very similarly if I’d had a doula for my first labour.


“Going through my first pregnancy with the prospect of giving birth in Japan without any support (apart from my extremely supportive husband of course!) was a daunting feeling. As soon as I met Stephanie I knew that she had the expertise and empathy to support me through labour, which ultimately turned out to be the most challenging experience of my life. Giving birth at St Luke’s hospital I sought a natural birth with minimal interventions, however despite agreements in advance, promises were broken for no medical reason. This is when Stephanie’s support intensified, and without her calm, encouraging, caring and understanding personality it would have been considerably more stressful. She was able to converse with the staff on my behalf and negotiate compromises in what was also a difficult landscape for her to navigate as she could not tell them what to do. The comfort and confidence that Stephanie’s presence gave me was so important during my toughest times in labour, but also gave me the strength to continue to push for my natural birth plan as much as possible. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie during the most special but challenging time of your life especially if you don’t have your immediate family there to support you. I am grateful for everything she had done during my 50 plus hours of labour and will always be special to me as she played a pivotal role in an experience I will never forget” – Natalie

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