2019 so far…and Summer Holidays

2019 has been an amazing year so far for my doula work!  I’ve had about 30 clients in the first half of this year (wonderful!) and they have been a real mix of women – from first time mothers, to those on their 4th babies, with natural births, medicated births, c-sections and VBACS included!  It’s also been great to go to so many different hospitals this year so far, too.  The hospitals I’ve been to this year include:

Nisseki (in Hiroo)

Aiiku Hospital

Tsuchiya clinic (in Fuchu)

Minato Red Cross (in Motomachichukagai, Yokohama)

St. Luke’s

Oshio Women’s Clinic (in Urayasu)

I also had the fantastic experience of a home birth, supported by midwives from Matsugaoka Birth Center.

As I’m going to be away for 6 weeks until the end of August, I plan to write up in more detail about the various different hospitals I’ve listed here, as well as others I’ve been to in previous years that I haven’t already written about.

Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions about doula support (birth, preparation or breastfeeding).  My schedule has a little room to take on a few more clients from September to December, and I have a wide open 2020 calendar too!

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