September so far!

Since I’ve been back from my summer holidays, I’ve been to 3 births – all at Aiiku hospital.  2 with Dr Sakamoto and 1 with Dr Sen.  In all 3 cases, everything went very smoothly.  For anyone looking for some perspective and information about what to expect in Aiiku with either Dr Sakamoto and Dr Sen, please get in touch (you are in good hands, though).

Towards the end of this month, or possibly early October depending on when baby decides to come, I’ll also be acting as a distance doula for a client who isn’t able to have a doula for her birth in person.  I’m excited to see how that will go and hope that it will be a positive experience for my client and her partner.  If anyone is in a different part of Japan or has a very strict (less progressive) hospital that flat-out refuses doula support, please get in touch if you’d like to consider distance support instead!

I’m also now working on setting up a Facebook page for Tokyo Doula Support.  As I often post relevant articles, advice and so on on different Facebook groups, I though it was about time (after 5 years of running Tokyo Doula Support) that I have my own page for it all.  Watch this space!!

October 2019 Doula Cafe

October’s Doula Cafe will be on Tuesday Oct 1st from 10-11am at the Tokyu Plaza Starbucks in Harajuku.

In this Doula Cafe, we’ll be going back to the topic of birth plans and questions to consider asking your hospital/birth clinic so you can be prepared with what to expect.

Also, if you are due to give birth from November onwards and are interested in having a doula support you and your husband during the labour, please come along or get in touch.  I have availability for just 2 more clients for the rest of this year (it’s getting full), and clients are already booking in up till April.  I’m happy to arrange a meeting with anyone who is considering doula support.

Please send me an email if you plan to come!