2019 Recap

What a year!! This year, I’ve had 42 birth clients – and my last birth for this year was actually yesterday.  A fantastic way to end the year!

Hospitals I’ve been to this year include Aiiku (of course), Nisseki (The Red Cross) in Hiroo, Tsuchiya Clinic in Fuchu, KeiAi hospital in Saitama, Minato Sekijuji Byoin (The Red Cross Hospital in Yokohama), St.Lukes, Oshio Clinic in Chiba, and Tokyo Mothers Clinic in Setagaya.  I also almost had another home birth experience (although in the end, a hospital was chosen instead).  In addition to these hospital (many of which I’ve been to multiple times), I’ve also been to a wide variety of other hospitals/birth clinics in and around Tokyo, so I’m always happy to share my own perspectives on what it’s like to have a baby in any of them.

This year, I’ve also continued with my group breathing for birth classes and also added in group Infant Care classes, too.  And together with my partner Célia, we also started offering a group Birthing With Confidence class (the next will be February 2020).  These are all in addition to the private preparation classes I offer, so lots of options are available.  I’ve also continued with a lot of post-partum work (breastfeeding help, labour debriefings, hands-on help etc), and have had a great year with my LLL work, too.

In 2020, I will continue to expand, so keep an eye out for other classes, courses, packages and more!  And, as always, please do get in touch if you have questions or if you’re wondering how I can support you during your pregnancy, labour and post-partum period in Japan!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  Enjoy the holidays!

The next Group Birthing with Confidence Class

After the success of our first Birthing with Confidence class in November, we will be holding the next one in February 2020!  Please take a look below for full details about what’s going to be covered.
I hope to see some of my readers there!

Join Tokyo’s two most experienced Doulas, Stephanie Kawai and Celia Hughes, for a comprehensive birthing class aimed at preparing you fully for having your baby in Japan!

We welcome pregnant women alone, with husbands, and/or any other birth support partner!


Late Pregnancy & Overview of Labour

Breathing for Labour and Birth

Positions/Activities during Labour

Massage and Other Comfort Techniques


What to Expect in Japan and your Specific Hospital

Useful Japanese Terms

Birthing without fear is one of our main goals as we look at how we can view labour positively. We’ll talk about pain and discuss the question “Is childbirth necessarily painful?”


We will go through all the stages of birth, the sensations that accompany each stage and what you can do to receive/provide the best support for each stage – looking at breathing, positions, activities and other comfort measures.


We will also touch on interventions, what they are, why they might be necessary, and what you can do to minimize the chance of needing any interventions.


Finally, we will consider what it’s like giving birth in Japan as a whole from a cultural point of view and also what you could expect to happen during labour at your own particular hospital here.


Details :

A 3-hour class from 3:30pm to 6:30pm on February 16th

Place: Yoga tree, Hiroo

Fees: 10,000 JPY per couple

To register, please email: skwilson88@hotmail.com and celia.hughes@mac.com

For any couples who’d like a birth class in their own homes, I also offer private birth preparation sessions.
Also, for those who’d like to find out what happens next after birth – at the hospital, in the newborn and post-partum with baby and mum, and to find out all about breastfeeding, you can also contact me for a session!



One Spot left – Private Birth Preparation before the end of the year!

I have just one spot left in my schedule for a private Birth Preparation session before the end of 2019!

If you’d like to take that spot (to be arranged according to our schedules up to Dec 29th), please get in touch.

What is covered:

Late pregnancy

Labour & its stages

How to manage labour: breathing, positions, activities, massage and other comfort measures


What to expect in Japan & your specific hospital

The post-partum period – for mum and baby


Japanese terms

I’ll be offering more private sessions in 2020!



Why is Breathing Important?

Why is it important to breathe deeply, regularly and rhythmically during labour?

💫 Steady, rhythmic breathing can be very calming – both physically and mentally, and using rest periods in between contractions to focus on relaxation breathing can help reset your mind and body in preparation for the next surge.

💫 It can help reduce tension and anxiety, and induce a more relaxed state in the labouring woman. The more relaxed and less panicked someone is in labour, the more the body’s natural endorphins can kick in and do their job to help counteract the intense feeling of the contractions.

💫 Deep breathing during contractions, using specific focusing techniques – such as counting or affirmations – can give your mind something to concentrate on doing. Having this focus can help the mother stay more relaxed overall during the contraction, which can help the contraction work more effectively in opening up the cervix and bringing baby down.

💫 Regular breathing gives the labouring woman a “job” to do that can feel productive, especially when used with vocalised breathing where you can use your voice to match the strength of the contraction

💫 As labour progresses and the strength of contractions continue to build, things can get overwhelming. But focusing on specific breathing techniques can promote a sense of control and a stronger sense of “I can do this”.

💫 Getting a good regular supply of oxygen is Very important for mum and baby to stay well and energised during a labour that, for some can take 1-2 days.

💫 The muscles of your uterus also need a good steady supply of oxygen to work effectively. In the same way that our breathing can help us during an intense exercise session, breathing is vital to helping the uterus working as well as it can during labour.

💫 The more practice someone does with breathing techniques before labour, the more automatic it becomes and the more natural it will feel to fall into these patterns of breathing on the day (or night) of labour.

Come along to one of my regular breathing classes to practice some breathing techniques and help you feel more confident about your upcoming labour! 

If you’d like more information about my breathing classes, get in touch!