Why is Breathing Important?

Why is it important to breathe deeply, regularly and rhythmically during labour?

💫 Steady, rhythmic breathing can be very calming – both physically and mentally, and using rest periods in between contractions to focus on relaxation breathing can help reset your mind and body in preparation for the next surge.

💫 It can help reduce tension and anxiety, and induce a more relaxed state in the labouring woman. The more relaxed and less panicked someone is in labour, the more the body’s natural endorphins can kick in and do their job to help counteract the intense feeling of the contractions.

💫 Deep breathing during contractions, using specific focusing techniques – such as counting or affirmations – can give your mind something to concentrate on doing. Having this focus can help the mother stay more relaxed overall during the contraction, which can help the contraction work more effectively in opening up the cervix and bringing baby down.

💫 Regular breathing gives the labouring woman a “job” to do that can feel productive, especially when used with vocalised breathing where you can use your voice to match the strength of the contraction

💫 As labour progresses and the strength of contractions continue to build, things can get overwhelming. But focusing on specific breathing techniques can promote a sense of control and a stronger sense of “I can do this”.

💫 Getting a good regular supply of oxygen is Very important for mum and baby to stay well and energised during a labour that, for some can take 1-2 days.

💫 The muscles of your uterus also need a good steady supply of oxygen to work effectively. In the same way that our breathing can help us during an intense exercise session, breathing is vital to helping the uterus working as well as it can during labour.

💫 The more practice someone does with breathing techniques before labour, the more automatic it becomes and the more natural it will feel to fall into these patterns of breathing on the day (or night) of labour.

Come along to one of my regular breathing classes to practice some breathing techniques and help you feel more confident about your upcoming labour! 

If you’d like more information about my breathing classes, get in touch!

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