2019 Recap

What a year!! This year, I’ve had 42 birth clients – and my last birth for this year was actually yesterday.  A fantastic way to end the year!

Hospitals I’ve been to this year include Aiiku (of course), Nisseki (The Red Cross) in Hiroo, Tsuchiya Clinic in Fuchu, KeiAi hospital in Saitama, Minato Sekijuji Byoin (The Red Cross Hospital in Yokohama), St.Lukes, Oshio Clinic in Chiba, and Tokyo Mothers Clinic in Setagaya.  I also almost had another home birth experience (although in the end, a hospital was chosen instead).  In addition to these hospital (many of which I’ve been to multiple times), I’ve also been to a wide variety of other hospitals/birth clinics in and around Tokyo, so I’m always happy to share my own perspectives on what it’s like to have a baby in any of them.

This year, I’ve also continued with my group breathing for birth classes and also added in group Infant Care classes, too.  And together with my partner Célia, we also started offering a group Birthing With Confidence class (the next will be February 2020).  These are all in addition to the private preparation classes I offer, so lots of options are available.  I’ve also continued with a lot of post-partum work (breastfeeding help, labour debriefings, hands-on help etc), and have had a great year with my LLL work, too.

In 2020, I will continue to expand, so keep an eye out for other classes, courses, packages and more!  And, as always, please do get in touch if you have questions or if you’re wondering how I can support you during your pregnancy, labour and post-partum period in Japan!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  Enjoy the holidays!

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