Tickets for Online Classes

With so many of my classes being online for the next few weeks (or longer), I’ve decided to create a ticket system for them to save people from having to pay individually for each class/private consultation.  Instead, you can buy a set of tickets and redeem them for  online classes/consultations of your choosing (one ticket is worth 1,000 yen).  Group classes are between 1,000-2,000 yen each and private online consultations between 3,000-4,000 yen.  The tickets can also be redeemed against  my private online Birthing with Confidence classes!

Options available:

Set of 5 tickets: 4,500 yen (you save 500 yen)

Set of 10 tickets: 9,000 yen (you save 1,000 yen)

Set of 15 tickets: 13,500 yen (you save 1,500 yen)

Please see the current list of online classes and private consultations these can be redeemed against here.

Of course, everyone is still welcome to just pay on a class by class basis, too, if you prefer not to buy a set of tickets.

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