June classes & online and in-person options

I hope everyone has continued to stay healthy and well.  Now that the State of Emergency has been lifted in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with birth support during labour in hospitals.  Some places have already started saying that they may start to ease up on some of the current restrictions.  Let’s see what happens.  Yet again, I can’t say strongly enough how much these very severe restrictions should not have been put in place to begin with…but hopefully more women and their support people can stand up for the right to birth support more strongly now there is no “reason” of State of Emergency to somewhat justify restricting it in hospitals’ eyes.

So this brings me to what will happen with my own classes and support during June (and beyond).  Included below is also  it of info about upcoming private and semi-private birth prep options, too, although I’ll make a separate post for them later.

I have decided that I’ll be keeping a lot of classes online as I’ve found that I’ve really enjoyed dong them online.  Plus, women who normally live too far to travel to my classes have been able to attend them which is great!  I love that online platforms have made things more accessible to all.  The schedule for these classes may be slightly different to what I have currently been doing, but I’ll be posting up the info about each class as the time approaches on all my various FB group/pages.  Hopefully over time, the schedule can become more fixed again.  This month will be very much a “trial” with how things go.

You are all also very welcome as always to contact me anytime if you want to check what’s going ahead or want to book for one of them.

In addition to the online classes, I’ll start to offer an in-person option for each class, too – with limits on numbers to allow for proper distancing.  But that will begin from the middle of June and this can be adjusted depending on how the numbers go with the coronavirus (hopefully continuing to stay down rather than going up again).  For all in-person classes/sessions, I will continue to wear a mask.

My June Doula Cafe will stay online and I’ll see how July is looking for holding it as an in-person meeting.  Also, I’ll continue to support as many women and their partners as needed as a distance doula (which has gone better than I expected over the past couple of months) until I’m allowed back in the LDR again!

SO…please take a look below for a tentative schedule for June regarding classes (including schedule openings for private classes – Birthing With Confidence, Infant Care, post-partum and breastfeeding support etc) and please contact me if you’d like to book or have any questions 🙂

Don’t forget, for ONLINE options, I have a ticket system available too (which includes a small discount).

June 3rd – AM – Zoom Doula Cafe (FREE meeting) – Preparing for labour at your hospital

June 6th – AM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 7th – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 10th – AM – In-person Breathing for Birth class (location: Azabu) 3-4 women max

June 12th – AM – Zoom Breathing for Birth class

June 13th – AM – Aiiku Hospital Virtual Tour (open only to those who are patients of the Aiiku Clinic International Unit unfortunately)

June 13th – PM – Semi-private in-person Birthing with Confidence class for 2 couples only (location: Azabu)

June 14th – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 17th – AM – In-person Infant Care class (location Azabu)  3-4 women max

June 19th – AM – Zoom Infant Care class

June 20th – AM – Zoom Positions & Massage class

June 20th – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 21st – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 24th – AM – In-person Breathing for Birth class (location: Azabu) 3-4 women max

June 27th – AM – Zoom Couples Breathing for Birth class

June 27th – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

June 28th – PM – Private class opening (client’s home or Online)

*Weekdays are also possible for private classes/sessions at depending on the day/time*




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