Normal Newborn Behaviour

I did a post recently on my Facebook page about how normal newborn behaviour may not quite be what we expect, especially when it’s your first baby and you have no frame of reference at all.  It can really take you quite by surprise just how “hands on” you need to be and how babies just “are”, even if you have been told or know more or less what to expect beforehand.

If you need a post-partum consult for anything in the first few months, I’m right here 🙂

Here’s is what I wrote on my Facebook page for anyone who isn’t following me on there yet:

Normal newborn behaviour…sometimes understanding what is actually very normal behaviour in newborns can be a challenge (particularly with a first baby).

You may have a baby that wants to feed so frequently round the clock that you’re physically unable to move from the sofa or bed. You may have a baby that will happily fall asleep and stay asleep in your arms but the second you try and put them down, they wake up again. You may have a baby that will only settle if you’re walking around rocking or bouncing them. You may have a baby that seems fussy and so you start to search all about colic, reflux and solutions.

The sheer amount of physical hands-on work that goes along with normal newborn behaviour can be completely exhausting and leave us questioning ourselves – wondering if what we are doing is correct or if there is a solution or way to “fix” things.  In the vast majority of cases, it is all completely normal. It doesn’t make is easy…but it is normal.

If ever anyone needs to talk about what’s going on in the newborn period with them and their babies, I’m here to listen – message me.  If you’d like a more in depth consult, get in touch.  If you want some physical hands-on help with baby, we can arrange that, too.

Although it seems overwhelming and too much at times, remember that there is support out there.  Not just from me but from all the other wonderful networks that exist (Tokyo Mothers Group, Tokyo Pregnancy Group, your birth club groups and so on).

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