July Class Schedule

Happy Tanabata!  Today is July 7th and Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival.  I hope everyone is having a good day and a good start to July!

Here is my July class schedule.  While we are no longer under a State of Emergency, the virus numbers have been increasing in Tokyo again recently.  So, as a result, I’ll continue to keep the majority of my group classes online so that nobody needs to worry and can still get prepared well for labour.  With any classes that are in person, health precautions and proper distancing will continue to stay in place.

As always, for anyone who would like to arrange a private or semi-private fully comprehensive childbirth preparation class – Birthing With Confidence, please get in touch.  And, I’ll continue to offer private sessions in person and online for birth plan consultations, Infant Care classes, Breastfeeding support and post-partum help.

Please get in touch if you’d like to book a class or if you have any questions.  I also still have a little space left this year for birth doula clients (in-person and virtual support options)

Don’t forget, for ONLINE options, I have a ticket system available too (which includes a small discount).

July 10th – AM – Zoom Breathing for Birth class

July 11th – AM – Aiiku Hospital Virtual Tour (open only to those who are patients of the Aiiku Clinic International Unit unfortunately)

July 12th – AM – Private class opening (at client’s home)

July 17th – AM – Zoom Infant Care class

July 18th – AM – Zoom Positions & Massage class

July 18th – PM – Semi-private Birthing with Confidence class

July 22nd – AM – In-person Breathing for Birth class (in Azabu)

July 22nd – PM – Baby Cafe – NEW FREE SUPPORT SESSION for mothers with babies up to 3 months old

July 25th – AM – Zoom Couples Breathing for Birth class

July 25th – PM – Private class opening (at client’s home)

July 26th – PM – Private class opening (at client’s home)

*Weekdays are also possible for private classes/sessions at depending on the day/time*

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