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With my boys

I’m Stephanie Kawai and I’ve been in Japan since 2000.   Originally from the UK, I met my husband in Osaka where I first lived and we moved to Tokyo in 2003.  We have 3 sons together, all born in maternity hospitals in the westerns suburbs of Tokyo.  As well as being a doula, I also run Tokyo Mothers Group – the largest English-language support network for families in Japan, and I’m also Tokyo Pregnancy Group coordinator – a wonderful group with regular meetings for pregnant women in Tokyo.  Birth work as a doula is my passion and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able work in this field.

Pregnancy and motherhood changed me.  I was never one to coo over other people’s babies or want to hold them.  But once I became pregnant with my first son, something switched on inside me and I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about the whole process of pregnancy and birth and was very much looking forward to the challenge of it.  Of course, nothing prepared me for my actual labour…It was a long and hard 29 hours and I certainly understood why it was called labour afterwards.  Looking back I wish I had had the support of a doula then as I’m certain I wouldn’t have felt so scared or overwhelmed with what was happening to my body.  My husband was a great support during the experience and never left my side, breathing through each contraction with me, but it was equally as tough and stressful for him with neither of us understanding if what I was experiencing was “normal”.

Well, after my baby was born that magic switch you often hear about of all the pain immediately disappearing was flicked.  Endorphins rushed through me and I was on the biggest high of my life.  It took only a matter of 2 weeks before I was saying that I wouldn’t mind having another baby and going through labour again…thinking to myself how I would cope better and what I would do differently to help the process along more smoothly and quickly.  I had also started hearing about doulas at this point and the thought of working towards becoming a doula myself.

I went on to have 2 other children and had very different birth experiences with them.  My second labour was one of those urban-legends you hear about where there wasn’t any pain, just mild discomfort at worst.  And my 3rd birth experience was my most enjoyable as my other 2 children were in the labour room with me and saw their brother born.  They helped keep me focused as I wanted them to feel birth was a wonderful experience and not something scary.

In 2014, once my youngest entered toddlerhood, I began to pursue my doula dream and attended my first birth as a doula in July of that year.  From then, I have gone on to support over 100 women and their partners in labour, and countless more through my Doula Cafe get-togethers, Breathing for Birth Classes, Birth preparation and post-partum support.  It is wonderful to meet so many different and interesting people through my work.

For anyone who is interested in hiring a doula for their birth in Japan, I’d love to get in contact and meet!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi

    I have just found out I am expecting. It’s so early that I haven’t been for a scan! This has happened exactly a week after accepting my dream job just outside Tokyo.
    Obviously if I am able to I would still love to accept the position and would then give birth in Tokyo. It would be great to get in touch with someone who would be able to help me navigate pregnancy and birth in Japan!
    I already have a 13 month old son and had a natural quick birth the first time round.

    I look forward to hearing from you



    • Hi Faiza,
      Thanks for your message and congratulations to you! Tokyo is a great place to have a baby, so I hope it all works out for you with the job here. Please contact me any time if you’d like pregnancy/birth support!


  2. Hello! I am currently 34 months pregnant and getting anxious due that I don’t feel that I’ m prepared enough for a possible natural birth. My first baby was born 4 years ago via an emergency C-section. I am looking for a doula who can guide me to prepare myself before the baby comes and accompany me also during the delivery process.


  3. Hi
    I run across your page while searching for home birth options in Japan I am moving to the Yokosuka area and I am a birth doula as well but plan on having one more child while in that are and I would love to find out more info regarding your services as well as home birth options


  4. Hi Stephanie!

    I am interested to hire a doula 🙂 would you contact me so that we can chat on the details?

    I am so glad to have chanced on you 🍀 🙂


    • Hi Gin,
      You are welcome to send me an email anytime about Doula support 🙂 You can find my email address in the “Contact” page of my site. Look forward to hearing from you!


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