Funabashi Chuo Byoin

I have one last client for the month of Feb and she is going to be giving birth in Funabashi Central Hospital (Funabashi Chuo Byoin).  For those who don’t know, this is in Chiba which is a prefecture to the east of Tokyo.  It’s a far train ride for me as I live in the west Tokyo suburbs but I’m glad I’ll get to experience somewhere new!

I went with my client to the hospital earlier this week to meet her doctor, who’s been looking after her pre-natal care, and midwife.  They were both extremely friendly and fun. The doctor, Yamashita Sensei spoke really good English and seem very relaxed and laid back about labour.  The fact that she was very open to the idea of my client using a doula was, of course, a great sign!

Now the wait to see when labour will start…