Over-night Home Support Service

I’m very excited to announce my NEW Over-night Home support Service!

This service is for parents of young babies up to 4 months of age who need extra support at night.  I will come and stay with you over-night, staying awake to be on hand to look after baby, pick up and carry baby, soothe baby, change baby, while you get the rest you need.  If needed, I will bring baby to you when it’s time to breastfeed and then continue to look after baby in between feeding.  If baby is formula-fed, I will do the feeding for you.

My aim is to help mum and dad feel more rested even if it’s just for one night.  A good night’s sleep can sometimes make all the difference.

I won’t sleep train your baby – that isn’t something I do – but your baby will be looked after safely even if he or she wakes up often.

If you are interested in this new service, please contact me!  You can see info on fees here 🙂