Doula support options in the age of Social Distancing

How’s everyone doing?  It’s been quite a few weeks all around the world with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.  I hope everyone is doing ok – it can easily get overwhelming.

I thought I’d take a moment to let everyone know of current services I’m offering (in addition to my birth doula service) in light of the virus and with all of us being more cautious about group activities and distancing ourselves socially more than we’d usually do.  I’d hate for any couples who are currently pregnant to feel they are without support or any means of preparation before their baby is born, so these options can also be done online via video calls (using whichever mode works best for each couple).

Full Birth preparation classes:

I’m currently offering PRIVATE birth Birthing with Confidence Classes for couples in the comfort of their own homes – in-person or Online.  Content includes Late Pregnancy & Overview of Labour, Breathing for Labour and Birth, Positions/Activities during Labour, Massage and Other Comfort Techniques, Interventions, What to Expect in Japan and your Specific Hospital, Useful Japanese Terms, and the post-partum period and breastfeeding.  These sessions can be done in one session or split over 2 sessions.

Birth plan/hospital choice consultations:

My Birth plan/hospital choice consultations continue to be private and, again, these can be arranged either as in-person meetings or done online.

Breastfeeding and post-partum consultations:

Post-partum support is something that continues to be very important for me to provide.  While ideally breastfeeding support is given in-person, for those who need virtual support I’ve just started offering that option more regularly.

Infant care classes:

Again, I’m still offering these as private sessions in the comfort of clients’ homes.  Online consults about infant care topics can also be arranged, too.

So please feel reassured that support is still there for anyone who needs it – whether it’s in person or online.  I’m always happy to discuss more if anyone has any questions, so please feel free to send me an email at

For my Birth Doula support, that is still continuing.  Virtual support is also possible!

Hope everyone is hanging in there and not getting to stressed or anxious either here in Japan or for their home countries.  Please reach out if you find that your anxiety levels are increasing and we can do some relaxation breathing to help a little bit.

Stay healthy everyone!







Since my last Doula Cafe, I’ve been at 4 labours.  All in one week in fact – my busiest week so far!  Thankfully everyone was at Aiiku, which was good for the 2 back-to-back labours I had!  October to early Nov is always a busy time of year for labours and this year was no exception!

My Breathing for Birth classes have been going well since starting them in September.  I’ll be updating with continued dates soon, but they’ll continue to be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.

I’m also going to be adding some new services soon.  They will include Belly Casting, and night-time newborn support.  I’ll post about it once these have been added!

New Services and Next Doula Cafe!

Happy New Year!!  2016 year of the Monkey looks set to be a great one 🙂

I had my first Doula Cafe back in December and it was great!  6 lovely ladies came and it was fun to talk about things related to birth plans.

The next Doula Cafe will be on Wednesday 13th of January and it’s free to join!  It will be at the Tokyu Plaza Starbucks (6th floor) in Harajuku.  The Tokyu Plaza is on the Meiji Dori crossing.

The theme of this get-together will be anxieties surrounding birth and how we can lessen or overcome them.

There is no need to rsvp and simply turning up is fine, although it would be helpful if you did email me to let me know if you hope to join (here).

Also, I have been planning some new services to support those pregnant in Japan.  As well as more classes/lessons/help for those in and around Tokyo, I’m also starting a service to offer birth preparation classes in other areas in Japan.  Please take a look at my updated Services and Fees page to find out what’s new!

Thanks and I look forward to meeting more of you in 2016!