In-person Services and Fees

I offer a wide variety of services for pregnant women/couples, as well as breastfeeding and post-partum support.  Please take a look and see if anything is of interest or need to you!

Birth Doula Service (70,000yen)

As a birth doula, I’m an additional member of the birth team – someone who is there just for you and your partner; to offer advice, encouragement, motivation, provide assistance with physical comfort measures, breathing, give informational advice and help advocate for you. My hope is that your labour will be looked back on positively.

Support and regular meet-ups during your pregnancy and labour include :

*Discussing and help with writing your birth plan.

*Birth preparation (breathing, comfort measures, positions etc – for more comprehensive preparation, please take my private class mentioned below).

*My continuous support during your labour and birth, whether it is a 2-hour labour or 20 hour labour.  Help in getting breastfeeding established after baby is born (if that is your aim).

*Photos of your labour and birth.

*1 post-partum visit.

*Breastfeeding support and advice

*Use of maternity TENS machine if requested during labour and access to my personal reference library of over 40 books on pregnancy, birth and beyond.

*Some Japanese language support can also be provided by me if necessary.  After your birth, I will write up your baby’s birth story from my perspective as a keepsake for you.

*I work with Celia Hughes to provide doula services.  She is my back up and I am hers.

Distance Birth Doula Support – please see here for options

For clients outside of the Kanto area, I offer distance-doula support.  This includes:

*Skype/Video call meetings (approx 2-3) to discuss birth plan and go through birth preparation together.

*Regular support via Skype/Video call during your labour where I can advise on things like positions or activities to try, help with breathing and motivation, provide informational support and perspective if anything outside of your birth plan is suggested, and more.

*1 post-partum Skype/Video call.

Private Birth Preparation classes (18,000yen for 2 classes plus transportation) 

Birth preparation is such an important part of the journey into parenthood.  I hope to equip you with some tools to help make your labour a little smoother and more relaxed, as well as give you a glimpse into post-partum life and help with navigating the “forth trimester”.

My private birth preparation is comprehensive look at the birth process: how to prepare for labour; signs of labour; breathing, positions and comfort techniques; interventions; what to expect in Japan; once the baby is here; breastfeeding.

In the comfort of your own home, we go through the content at your own pace and questions are welcomed.

The classes can be split over 2 different days (approximately 2-2.5 hours each day), or combined into one 4-5 hour class depending on schedules.

The first  class covers labour and birth, including what to expect in your hospital or clinic in Japan, breathing, comfort measures positions and interventions.  The second class covers topics such as breastfeeding, infant care, and what to expect (with baby and mother) after the baby is born.

* Celia Hughes also provides childbirth preparation classes in Tokyo!

Group Birth Preparation classes outside of the Tokyo/Kanto area (15,000yen per couple, minimum of 4 couples and maximum of 8, transportation costs included in the fees)

Group classes for English-speaking couples in other areas of Japan where English-speaking classes and support are not readily available.  Content is based on the above for private classes but can also be tailored if necessary.  This is a one-day class of approximately 5 hours with a break in the middle to be held at a location of the couples’ choosing.

Group Breathing for Birth Classes (1,500yen per attendee, 3,000 per couple)

I truly believe that the way we use our breath and how we breathe can have the biggest impact on labour.  It can help us relax and feel less anxious, give us focus, and hopefully have a smoother labour experience.  

Weekday classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month for women only, from 10:30-11:30am.

Couples classes are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 3-4pm.  Fathers-to-be or other birth support person are welcome to attend.

The classes are held at My Body My Pilates in the Azabu area.


Breastfeeding Consultations (6,000 yen for a 1-1.5hr visit)

As a breastfeeding specialist/counselor, I can come to your home to provide support and advice specifically related to breastfeeding.

*Breastfeeding issues:  including, nipple pain/nipple trauma, latching difficulties, low weight gain, blocked ducts, mastitis.

*Help with achieving breastfeeding goals, whether that be exclusive breastfeeding, mixed feeding, or transitioning from formula to breast.

*Support with weaning.

*Special cases: breastfeeding multiples, establishing breastfeeding with premature babies or those who have spent time away from the breast due to medical reasons, breastfeeding, special needs infants.

*Please have a look here for other breastfeeding support in Japan/Tokyo*

**Breastfeeding specialists and lactation consultants are not allowed to diagnose conditions.  We can offer advice and point you in the direction of a qualified medical professional for diagnoses**

***If you require an IBCLC, I can put you in touch with one***

Post-partum Home Visits and post-partum doula support (6,000yen for a 1 hour visit, 10,000yen for a 2-3 hour visit  –  all options are *plus* transportation)

*Breastfeeding/infant feeding support and advice

*General support with any questions or concerns

*Providing info on helpful resources available in Tokyo/Japan

*Looking after mum and assisting with hands-on baby care!

Bookings can be taken anytime depending on need and schedules.


Post-partum care packages (prices correct as of March 2020)

Post-partum care packages can be booked in advance during pregnancy and are great to offer a friend or family member as a gift!  Booking a package is a much more cost-effective way to get post-partum support.

10 hour package – 40,000 yen – to be used within 1 month from first booking.

15 hour package – 58,000yen – to be used within 1 month of first booking.

20 hour package – 72,000yen – to be used within 2 months of first booking.

All packages *include* transportation. Hours can be used according to need and schedules.  There is flexibility but consecutive days are not guaranteed.

Over-night Home Support (15,000 yen per night plus transportation)

For families who need help during the night with their baby.  I will stay over-night with you and look after baby while you rest.  Sometimes a good night’s sleep can do wonders for the parents.

*Please note that this isn’t for sleep-training a baby,  rather another pair of hands to give the parents a chance to rest.

Personal birth-plan (birth wish list) consultation and help with writing (6,000 yen plus transportation)

For anyone who needs some help writing their hospital or clinic birth plans.  A 1-2 hour meeting where we go over various topics related to labour and delivery and consider what the mother-to-be would like to include.

Accompanying to maternity hospital/clinic appointments (6,000 yen plus transportation)

For anyone who’d like someone to be with them during hospital/clinic appointments when the husband/partner is unavailable.  Some Japanese language support can be provided.

Baby-care lessons for couples (7,000 yen plus transportation)

For couples wishing to find out and practice how to bath, diaper, clothe a newborn (appropriate to the season and temperature) as well as useful breastfeeding positions, and questions and answers about anything related to raising babies in Japan.  All in the comfort of your own home.  This is a 1.5 hour lesson.  Group lessons can also be arranged.

Baby-care lessons for groups (2,000 yen per couple, or individual without partner)

Held at a location/home of your choosing.  Content is as above.  This is a 2 hour lesson. Minimum of 4 couples maximum of 6.

Tour of Akachan Honpo or Babies R Us near you (1,000 yen per attendee, minimum of 4 attendees) 

For anyone who would like a comprehensive look around the most popular baby stores, with explanation of items, what is useful, English translation of Japanese products/instructions and more.  A 1-hour tour.


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  1. […] Do some birth preparation focused on practicing ways to manage natural birth. Many birth prep classes educate you on the different stages of labor etc, but they don’t necessarily give you strategies to manage the intensity of labor. The availability of these classes varies by location, but in Tokyo, local doula Stephanie Kawai is one of the most active people offering classes. She offers both breathing classes and birth prep classes. You can find more information on her website here. […]


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