I have been privileged to attended many births in Tokyo and you can read some testimonials from the women I’ve supported below 🙂

“Going through my first pregnancy with the prospect of giving birth in Japan without any support (apart from my extremely supportive husband of course!) was a daunting feeling. As soon as I met Stephanie I knew that she had the expertise and empathy to support me through labour, which ultimately turned out to be the most challenging experience of my life. Giving birth at St Luke’s hospital I sought a natural birth with minimal interventions, however despite agreements in advance, promises were broken for no medical reason. This is when Stephanie’s support intensified, and without her calm, encouraging, caring and understanding personality it would have been considerably more stressful. She was able to converse with the staff on my behalf and negotiate compromises in what was also a difficult landscape for her to navigate as she could not tell them what to do. The comfort and confidence that Stephanie’s presence gave me was so important during my toughest times in labour, but also gave me the strength to continue to push for my natural birth plan as much as possible. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie during the most special but challenging time of your life especially if you don’t have your immediate family there to support you. I am grateful for everything she had done during my 50 plus hours of labour and will always be special to me as she played a pivotal role in an experience I will never forget” – Natalie


I’m so pleased to have chosen Stephanie as our doula for my first birth in Japan. It was great to have regular monthly catch ups, where I would be able to ask questions, share thoughts and get advice. I was not sure about all the different hospital options in Tokyo and which one would be most suitable. I was really looking for somewhere very baby mother led. Stephanie provided me with her experiences of being a doula at the various hospitals and how it could differ compared to my home country. It really steered me in making the best decision for us.  Stephanie was always available if I needed to message her with any questions leading up to the birth and was very responsive. During the birth Stephanie was a calm presence in the room and very reassuring throughout, making me feel that I could do it! She also took photos and notes during the birth, which was really interesting to see afterwards. Also Stephanie came to visit us a couple of weeks after the birth and spent time chatting over the experience and meeting our baby again. Thanks very much Stephanie for all the support and I’m so pleased to have had you as part of my birth experience! – Emma


“I had very severe morning sickness, constantly vomiting and getting dehydrated, and it lasted till about a few weeks in my second trimester.  While doing research about how to alleviate my morning sickness, I came across an article about hiring a doula.  I never heard of a doula till then but after reading about it,  I knew I wanted to hire one.  I was hoping with doula support, I can overcome my trauma with pregnancy and have a better experience in my remaining 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  Thank goodness Stephanie’s Tokyo Doula Support exists in Tokyo.  Stephanie has been tremendous in helping me overcome my trauma.  We met for the first time when I was about 21 weeks pregnant and from that time, she has been nothing but very reassuring and comforting.  She helped me build confidence that I can do this and reminded me how magical it is to deliver a baby to this world.  We met a few times to get to know each other better and at every session, she thoroughly answered my incessant questions.  My husband and I took her active birth workshop and we appreciated her remarkable breadth of knowledge about childbirth, breastfeeding, and what to expect after childbirth.  It helped ease my fear of uncertainty.  Stephanie demonstrated activities that help during labor and delivery, for example, breathing techniques, massages, birthing positions, etc.; my husband and I found this helpful and even applied it at the very time of labor and delivery.Though it may not have felt like it at that time, I can honestly say that with Stephanie’s presence, my childbirth went smoothly.  She was there for me from start to finish of my childbirth.  She kept track of my contractions, encouraged and accompanied me to walk, go up and down the stairs, and squat, coached my husband what to do as a birthing partner, fed me water to stay hydrated, and gave me constant words of encouragement.  My husband said that because of Stephanie, we were able to keep our composure and deliver our baby without an epidural.  He even made a remark that Stephanie gave better advice than the nurses/midwives attending to me.Dr. Sen and Stephanie respected my birth plan and enabled me to give birth as natural as it can be. Because I kept my eyes closed during the entire birthing in order to stay focused, pictures Stephanie took helped tell a story of my baby boy’s birth to the world.  I honestly would not have been able to do this without Stephanie and Dr. Sen.  My husband and I are very happy and grateful that we had Stephanie guide us throughout this journey. To this day, she continues to support me with motherhood and gives so much TLC when she visits my son.”  –  Kayleen


“Stephanie attended the birth of our third child (first one to be born in Japan) and she was a vital part of the team. Prior to delivery, she was available to answer questions about the different birthing options in Japan and provide examples from some of her experiences at different hospital settings. We chose a planned home-birth with midwives from Matsugaoka and together, I was able to have a happy and healthy birth. While the midwives did checks throughout labour and provided massage, Stephanie recommended different positions to labour in for comfort and to help move things along. Though she is not a translator, she did explain to my husband and I what was going on as the midwives spoke among themselves. She was also a positive voice when the day became long and I became tired. I highly recommend Stephanie as she was very professional and provided peace of mind throughout my pregnancy, labour and delivery.” – Sarah


“I cannot stress enough how important and helpful it was to have my doula Stephanie at my side throughout this experience. Her very presence calmed me and eased the rough spots, not to mention the many helpful suggestions and actions she offered and performed with me. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, I cannot recommend it ­­ and Stephanie in particular! ­­ strongly enough. I am happy to talk to anyone about my experience if it’s helpful, so please let me know.”.  – Raku


“Having a doula for my first labor and delivery was the best decision my husband and I could have made in preparation for the birth of our son. I’ve always known I wanted a natural birth but I just wasn’t quite sure how to go about achieving this or if I would even be able to cope with the pain once the time came. Now I can honestly say that by having Stephanie there with me got me through the hardest parts and I also believe she helped speed up my labor.My husband wasn’t keen on the idea of having a doula at first. He had never heard of a doula nor is it a very popular in Japan in general as far as I know. He now believes that every women should have a doula. Not only did Stephanie help me get through delivery she helped my husband help me which kept stress levels down for everyone.Not to mention she was even able to capture photos of the delivery of my son, I will cherish these photos forever and am eternally grateful for  this.I would recommend Stephanie to anyone wanting to have a memorable, relaxed, enjoyable labor and I have every intention of calling on her again once we try for a second child. “.  – Amanda


“Having a baby so far from home, and doing it all for the first time is incredibly nerve wracking. Stephanie proved to be a fantastic support during my pregnancy, on hand to answer any questions or concerns, and helping me write my birth plan – providing insight and advice on the ‘Japanese system’ to help me work out what was going to be most appropriate for me.  During my labour Stephanie was the most wonderful, calm and knowledgeable supporter. She helped my husband and I relax throughout, kept us updated with how things were progressing, and provided reassurance and ideas. My labour was deemed ‘high risk’ so could so easily have been daunting and scary, but Stephanie’s presence helped guide us through the whole journey and keep us calm. After my labour Stephanie was a lovely lovely presence, as my daughter was away from me for quite some time. I really appreciated her staying with me throughout that emotional time, and keeping my mind occupied with inane chat whilst my husband and baby daughter were away from me.  Breastfeeding has so far been great for me, and a lot of that I put down to Stephanie’s lobbying for kangaroo care immediately after birth (something which, due to the high risk nature of her delivery I don’t think we would have managed to secure ourselves). She has also been fab at answering all my questions and helping with any concerns.  I couldn’t recommend Stephanie’s services more, she has become someone I would class not only as a brilliant doula, but also now a friend.” – Sally


“When I decided to have an unmedicated birth, I did a lot of research about the best ways to manage the intensity of labor without an epidural. One of the number one recommendations I received was to hire a doula! Luckily, Stephanie was available for my birth month of November and now that my baby is born I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do it without her! She was a constant support for me before my delivery, particularly through her breathing classes. During labor, she directed my husband and I through each phase and captured some incredible moments at the time of birth. She has also been a huge resource for me in these first weeks with baby. Overall, I am so happy to have worked with her and would recommend her to every pregnant woman in Tokyo! Thank you so much Stephanie!” – Jocelyn


“In the months leading up to the birth, Stephanie met with us several times to answer all of our questions about the pregnancy and birth. Her input was always reassuring, and indeed, helped us know what to expect at the birth itself. As first time parents, her support and coaching at the birth allowed us to have a smooth and worry-free birth experience. Thank you Stephanie!” – Rena